Wearing contact lenses is an alternative to glasses that, depending on your prescription, can even significantly improve your field of vision and image quality.

Who can wear contact lenses?

Contact lenses have evolved a lot in recent years to become a real alternative to traditional glasses.

Aren’t you tired of your glasses constantly fogging up when entering heated or air-conditioned areas? With contact lenses this problem is history. There will be no change in temperature or mask that prevents you from seeing clearly at all times.

Currently there are several options available on the market to correct almost any refractive error. From soft lenses for daily use to semi-rigid lenses, at looptica poblenou we can help you see well with a custom-made contact lens.

Contact lenses for eyestrain?

That’s right, there are also lenses for eyestrain that will help you see well at all distances without the need to wear glasses for distance or near.

With our personalized contact lenses you will not only see better, they will see you better!

Stop wearing glasses thanks to our contact lens fitting service. Discover today the advantages of combining your use of glasses with contact lenses and try the feeling of not wearing glasses today.

What advantages does wearing contact lenses offer?

No more glasses during the day. You will be able to see clearly and with a wider field.
Contact lenses allow you to play sports without worrying about breakage or contact with other players.
No more glasses fogged up by masks or sudden changes in temperature.